Edwin D. Benton II



Edwin received a full scholarship to the University of Utah, where he earned a Film degree as a student-athlete.

Post college, while working on various film projects in L.A., Edwin's passion for supporting underserved populations led to "Shine Residential," an in-home healthcare agency providing 24-hour support to adults with disabilities.

Edwin has recently jumped into mobile app and tabletop gaming as a designer and developer. He's also created Doin' The Most Games, an online marketplace for diverse party card games sold on Amazon, Walmart, and independent game stores.

Edwin's relentless pursuit of personal development doesn't stop at business and entertainment. As a student pilot, he flies Cessna 172 airplanes in his spare time.

Edwin is known in multiple circles for his creativity, business acumen, and commitment to empowering adults with disabilities. His diverse accomplishments are a testament to his talents and relentless ambition to make a difference.

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